Home Designer

After 20 sunny years spent in “La Réunion” Island, Isabelle has settled down in “Périgord” in 2008.

Her career is full of great experiences and great human encounters, all along her professional years as a home designer and owner of Seasonal Rentals in “La Réunion” and in “Périgord”.
This passionate and professional woman will help you to build the project of your dreams.

Contact Isabelle :

Her address-book with craftsmen, suppliers, architects, will enable you to meet trustful professionals to implement your projects.
Thanks to her great professional background, she knows high-tech materials, rare pieces of furniture, and well searched and bargained items.
Your budget is respected. She is involved in your project.
She is motivated and always aims at being true to your expectations.
Her professional background in building and transforming Guest Houses is a great asset for people working in the Tourism Industry.

Isabelle will help you for:

–  A simple piece of advice
–  A global project
–  Introducing you to good craftsmen, artisans, architects…
– Using concrete with limestone.
– Finding ideas about your project.
– Choosing pieces of furniture and decorative items.
– Project monitoring
– Installation of furniture